Cheated in Marriage.

Hello sir/mam, I am 27 years old lady, who is married for 2 years and has a 10 months old son. I have an arrange marriage. My in laws are harassing me and my family since the 1st day of my marriage. My parents have given everything as planned with in-laws in marriage. However they took cash for everything saying that they will purchase everything of there choice. But they did not purchased anything and torturing me that my family has not given anything to then. Even the car for which my parents have given money, they say that they have purchased it themselves. On the 1st day of my marriage my in laws have taken all my jewellery (including both in laws side and my parents side) and after that day i have not even seen it. (They took everything and i was not left even the single pair of earings or even anything of silver) In my pregnancy my husband went to Chennai, and my in-laws did whatever evil they could do. I used to do all households and had nothing to eat hearing very abusive words for myself ( households includes everything like moping the floor by hands, washing complete family clothes by hands as my mother in law do not allow me to use washing machine saying its not given by my parents, ironing the clothes while sitting on the floor, cooking, washing utensils, etc). Condition became so bad that in my 7th month i had to run from house in night at 10:30. Then i gave birth to baby boy. Then my husband took me back to there home after 20days of child birth. Then my in-laws did all bad with me for taking that baby from me.(They wanted me to give my child to my sister in law as she did have have boy). The harassment was so bad that i even tried of suicide by eating poison. When my parents interrupted and said that they will take the help of police and advocates , then my in laws themselves went to advocates and police making false complaints against my family. By all this seems that me and my family has been trapped very well. Please advise .