Illegal parking in front of my house

Hello sir, i m living in problem is that a person who is living other side of my house, he is not even my neighbour,he parks his two CNG auto-rickshas in front of my house.he is intentionally harassing me by blocking my road and it is not common plot or a parking is my way to enter and exit. Becase of its auto-ricksha i am suffering to enter in my house and he is living far from me.even i cannot take out my two-wheeler because of its auto-ricksha.when i tell him to not park he say me to do,wahat ever you want to do. According to me it is definitely illegal. when i search on internet about commercial vehicle parking laws i cannot find any particular law., can u please tell me what should i do? 2.what is the legal action for detain his auto-rikshas? 3.what are commercial vehicle parking laws? 4.can i complain in the munciapl corporation because we are living in the housing board row- houses.corporation can take action or not? Is there any corporation law where to park commercial vehicle.And i also here by someone that commercial vehicle have to park in particular parking area not even ur own house,so it is true? is there any law in commercail vehicle act? 5.And it is a CNG vehicle so it may be a chance to burn the vehicle because on of case is happen in our city that a CNG bus is automatically burn on the can i file a case of casualities? 6.if i go to the police station and file a case then what action will be taken by the court accoring to law? Hoping for a reply..