Maintenance/ Alimony to Working wife in PSU bank

Dear Sir I got married on 1st wk of Dec. '14 (registry under Special Marriage Act) & socially on the 2nd wk. Due to mutual differences in family values, cultures & opinions and also misbehaviour by my wife, we have been staying separate since Feb. '15. She is officially not staying with me or her in-laws, since mid. Apr. '15. My wife had taken ALL the jewelleries (received both from her & MY sides) along with the all her garments, furnitures, gifts, etc. received from marriage. The above hand-over have been documented in plain-papers with receipt from the bride & her father in front of witnesses from both sides. The paper says that it has been mutually agreed, that she will not be staying with her husband or her in-laws. She is employed with a renowned PSU bank since last 5 years and earns around 27k per month whereas I earn around 41k per month. She also holds a Masters degree in Statistics. Question1: When exactly can I apply for Mutual-consent divorce? It's been 7-9 months we are staying separate now. Question2: Given the above scenario, will she be entitled for any kind of monthly maintenance or one-time alimony in case of Mutual-consent divorce or even Contested divorce? Question 3: Can the jewelleries given to her from our side (Groom & relatives) be reclaimed back?