Writ Petition Not Coming up For A Hearing even after 9 Months

I worked with an organisation which is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Statutory body for over 8 years in Managerial roles. Suddenly I was denied my legitimate dues, harassed through petty tactics including multiple transfer to unrelated roles and finally my services were terminated by just invoking the notice period clause and without giving me my legitimate dues, without giving me a hearing and in a undignified manner. All this happened in the last 6 months of my tenure... June'14- Jan'15. All my requests for a hearing and for either justifying their actions or giving me my legitimate dues and a fair treatment appeared to have fallen on deaf ears as there was no response. Finally I filed a writ petition in the High Court challenging the termination but before that the respondents had filed a caveat fearing such an action by me. They have also filed a counter to my WRIT. My lawyers who were confident of closing my case - or at least getting me an interim relief going by the case details, sequence of events and the evidence I had - within 3-4 months --- are doing nothing to bring my case up for a hearing. They only say that they would do their part when the case comes up for a hearing . But when will it come up for a hearing no one knows. Every time they say there is shortage of Judges, have patience. Having had patience for over 9 months now I am under tremendous Mental and Financial stress. I do not know what to do? Pl advise. Regards, Naren