Cancelling a forceful Engagement.

Im stuck in a situation where Im forced to get engaged by my whole family without my consent, to a girl whom I dont like ( Its not about the looks only. ) there are several reasons. I do not have any other affair. My family forced me to get engaged to this girl beacuse they had promise the other party telling them that I will not deny to whatever decision they take. They threatened me to kill me or themselves as it was a matter of their ( both parties ) repuation in society and thier promise. They said humne zubaan di h samaj me rehna h, krni to pdegy engagement vrna hum marr jaenge, dada dadi etc etc sbko maar dega tu mana krk.. I had no choice. I also tried to make it clear to the other party that I dont want this enegement to take place, I even told her, her brother and mother that neither Im mentally prepared nor Im financially stable to bear her, her dad offered me to pay every month even if I dont earn a single penny. His words was " beta tum ek ruppee bhi na kamao to hume problem nhi h, me dunga pese har month" to which I clearly denied. I tried to run away from home, but my father threatened to kill me if I do so, he said, " mene 30 saal me izzat hi kamai h, izzat pyaari h bht chahe tujhe maarna pde" to which my grandparents didnt reacted and said, "gusse me bola hoga". I couldnt escape, though I tried to run away even on the day of engament but couldn't succeed, and again they threatened to kill themselves if I refuse to get engaged, I clearly told them that I would oppose this in front of the whole attendees, but I was threatened and could speak and was forced to get engaged, I know they wouldn't have killed themselves, but I was much more concerned about my life. Now the problem with me is that Im engaged forcefully to a girl whom I dont even like, I cant even think of spending a minute with her ( don't know why, I just don't feel like doing so ) niether Im desperate to have sex on the name of marriage. The thing that made it worst is that the girl belongs to a judge family, and moreover the native place is "bharatpur, India" even if I marry the girl to defend my life, I see a devastating future. On the other hand, India has a law that mostly favors the women, but its not a gal who is victimized every time. A guy an also be a victim. I am totally broken and left with no option, please help.