Destic voilance psychological and emotional

My husband uses abusive language.... Name kalling tries to bear misbehavior of his mother who misbehaves too, and sister who wants to remain unmarried. My husband defies that if i will tell her about misbehaviors of his sister and mothet he will not live with me in one room n will stop talking to me.he has defied to do the same if i msg him of the incidents of household. He refuces to listen to me. My in laws also misbehave..... As i am working they say u do job for yourself not for us..... My husband a central goverment gazzetted officer gives money to his mother regarding maximum expenses in house... Of servent etc... All the servents are their in house paid by my husband still i am asked what i do for my in son is being taken care by maid and supervised by my in laws.... So they say as you r taking help of your moth in law you will have to listen to what she says.... Nowadays my m in law doesnt talks to me.... Rest people talk very little andattirude of my husband i told in starting..... I want to ask if i am facing domestic voilance.... If yes, what should i do now