False 498 A

The case is a bit peculiar My BIL’s wife has complaint 498 A case against him, his parents and my wife and me. There are no specific charges against anyone and the complaint was motivated just to extort money.. Unfortunately my brother in Law fell ill soon after the marriage and expired 7 months later . Since he was not keeping well his wife deserted him and filed a complaint in CAW cell citing mental cruelty against all family members, my brother in law died after giving his statement that in case she does not want to live with him he is prepared to give her divorce. He died soon after. Interestingly his widow expressed an intention to return to her in laws after the death of my BIL. The intent is obviously to stake a claim in the property (the property is however totally self-acquired by my father in law) Me and my wife have been married for the past 5 years and have nothing to do with the family or matrimonial affairs of my BIL. We used to live in a separate rented house a few kilometers away, however a month before his marriage we shifted to a govt accommodation 50 kms away from their place. After his marriage we hardly even visited their home.. There are no specific charges against me and my wife or against any family member My questions are 1) In case an FIR is filed on the basis of this complaint can me and my wife get it quashed? 2) Does not the fact that she leveled vague charges of cruelty against family members and subsequently express her wish to return to the same “cruel” family significantly weaken his case 3) What impact does the death of the husband (my BIL) will have on this case