Harassment by a School owner of School surrounding our Home,

This case is actually of harassment, illegal construction, and also mental torture. :( (I didn't get any category where I could fix this all so wrote under Constitutional category.) We built our home in the year 2007. There's a school behind our home (which now surrounds home from side also). Before building our home, the school owner first built his school's toilet partly on our land. Then we were required to do a lot of requests and all other things to get our land back. That was somehow solved. But there's a lot of bad smell which comes from the school's toilet, we asked him a lot many times to do something and take action against it. But he just ignores. Also there's a lot of sound of students everyday which makes it tougher for us to live in. My mother, who is a housewife. She suffers a lot of problems, first due to that bad smell, and then due to the loud noise for the complete day. And even I, especially during this exam period. I even cried during my 10th standard's board exam, and was frustrated in my 12th standard too. The school owner keeps responses badly, and keep on saying sentences like, "NIT(our city's improvement trust can't do anything to me.) There's one important thing I'd like to tell you, the school's land was purchased by him but not for the purpose of building any school, and our area is completely residential with small homes and streets. And when we complaint to NIT (a place full of corruption), no action was taken against him. It has been 8 years we're fighting over multiple issues; there are many more such. But we don't know what to do and the proper laws regarding this all. Thankyou.