No hope for a woman and her six year old daughter

Sir I am married for the last 15 years. Gave birth to a daughter in 2009 in the same house where I was brought after marriage. My husband and father in law are 200% hand in hand to kick me out of there lives. They beaten me and I am fighting dv case against them. Court granted me permission to stay in the same house. My husband lives on the ground floor with my FIL. My FIL filed a civil suit for mandatory injunction and my husband is helping him. He filed a civil suit against me and my husband. Civil court granted him decree and ordered to vacate the house. Behind the scenes my husband is fully supporting my FIL. He made a fake rent deed with his friend to show the court that he is living at rental place. In the mean time my husband filed a divorce case in the court. They are not letting any stone unturned to throw me and my daughter out of there lives and leave us on the road. I have no source of income. They want there house free and want to sell it and flee the country leaving me and my 6 year old daughter in darkness. Is there any law for me in the country. I even got permission from session court to stay in that house but that from punjab but the house is in harayna. Is there any remedy available for me because lower court in harayna has ordered to vacate the house but I have permission from session court. What can i do now. Which order have more value. Please help me. My daughter have any legal right..?. .my husband has nothing on his name. everything is on his father's name.