Dowry 498a, 406 and CRPC 125,

My wife carried away all jewellery and stree dhan to her home and left her some clothes in a suitcase in my house stating that her mother was on death bed; soon we realized that it was a trap and she filed all those dowry etc cases on me. Her father took pictures of my mother in which he gave her cheques of 3 lakhs INR at the time of engagement. I was the one who actually filed section 9 in march 14 to bring her back but later got arresting stay from high court allahabad. Basis of section 9, they filed a fake FIR in april 14, stating me, my mother, my sisters (married) and my uncles went her place to kill and beat her up in an anonymous date. Later at the time of bail, it was me, mother and my sister who got bailed and my second sister and uncles name were removed from report. Now charge is processed and she is claiming to bring false people as witness, please suggest how to get rid of such brutal and cruel family. I have filed divorce under 13 b this year sep. I have nothing left in my account as her father gave me individually anything in the name of dowry like care or flat. However the cheque which he gave, i cashed it after 1 month of receiving the same and bought a orra brand jewellery for her and during other ceremonies after marriage was handed over to her mother only. But they are clearly lying and stating i am carrying all the stree dhan and her jewellery. Please tell me what to do now; i am not able to pressurize them as they are threatening me for life. I cannot spoil my life for this one liar lady and want to marry again to have my child.