I am facing many problems in my family.

Hello, we are five members in our family my father mother i am elder son my sister and my brother, my mother died last month my father is having small shop, n my younger brother do job in other state. I don't sit in shop because my fathers tune not matches with me, so i do part time job and also freelance work, i took loan have some bad debts after my mother expired my sister asked to give some money to run home i clearly said i cannot give money because i have some debts and i have to clear that first ,then my younger brother said her if he dont support by giving some money to run home then not to serve food to me. there was no reaction from my father side n i quarreled n had cold n hot war between my brother, father and sister. they are not allowing me to enter in home except in my room , which is on ground floor. they dont allow me to go up and also no food. i am eating outside daily , when ever i come home i always have cold war with them i dont have any savings because iam paying my debts, my brother always says me that iam eating food for free as if iam outsider not their family member. iam not interested to live with these people in this environment. i want to move out peacefully but these people follow me where ever i go and says my circle peoples that iam not good and not to trust me. ( The property what my mother was having according to her will is on my fathers name after my father we will have rights in property but before that my father he cannot sell his property and we cannot demand our share ) please help me what should i do ?