Is there a possibility of litigation??

I am planning to buy an Apartment and went through the land records with help of a Lawyer. I need your inputs on below. in 1980 , A person X owned 27 Guntas Land, He had 3 children, 1 daughter and 2 Son. Mr. X before his death, gifted 9 guntas as Gift deed to daughter. The daughter gave the property as GPA in 1995 and in year, 2006 , She along with GPA and 2 brothers sold land to a Builder with Sale deed having all 4 people names. Subsequently, In the year 2010, the remaining portion of Land, 18 Guntas, was sold by the remaining 2 sons to the same Builder, With sale deed having Names of only 2 Sons and their wife's and Kids. I am buying apartment constructed in 18 Guntas. My Lawyer says there is a possibility of Litigation and is of opinion to not go for the apartment as the Daughter has rights on the land after the death of father. Morally she has got her share as Gift Deed already. Q1. Is there possibility of Litigation by daughter? Q2. Wont there be time lines for some one to claim the land? Q3. What is the worst possibility , if i go and buy the apartment, will the apartment be broken or compromise will happen? Can i go ahead or should stop.!! Awaiting response. Thanks.