Salary not paid by Employer

Hello, I joined a MNC (on 7 july,)which sends employees on contract basis at client locations. I received my july month salary on time(1 Aug). But I was not paid for august and they said some timesheet issue and they have not received billing details from client. When they got it in mid sep they said salary cycle of Aug is over and both aug and sep month salary will be credited on oct 1. But the client project was over and 30 sep was last working day was what client said me. And after that i did not get any other project so they said you should get some other project and then all 3 months salary will come together. I said i dont want that and i resigned on 30 sep itself.But they said you should wait 45 days and we will pay both months salary as final settlement. So 45 days were over on 15 nov as 30 sep was last working day. Still I have not received any salary for the pending two months. I asked with client side as well at my workplace and they said they have sent all biling details and my salary as well t the employer and you should take it from them itself and we dont pay anything. But my employer is just not paying me and teling wait. I said 45 days are over why should I wait. They are not even responding properly in past few calls amd sometimes they wantedly they dont even pick my call. I dont know what to do. Please help