My involment with family propery spilt among teh siblings

I am foreign citizen and living away from India, more than 30 years now. My father didn't leave any will to my family (3-sisters and a brother). 15-years ago, all 3-sisters signed off 'no rights' on our family properties at a Govt. Registration office. As the eldest daughter, I supported my family financially, over time it became a large sum of money. My father returned the money as an apartment, (written to me as a gift, not as inheritance) and registered under my name and my son (grandson). But, he didn't write anything about rest (3/4) of the property. My father is no more and my mother is alive. My mother owns the rest of property. Now, rest of the property will be divided among other 3-sibilings. Do I have to be present at the time of their property registration since I already signed off as 'no rights' on any family property. My sister was saying, I have to be present in person for their registration. I cannot travel alone and I don't want to drag my husband/son into chaotic situation. I like to deal with remotely as much as possible like giving a power of attorney? Appreciate your input.