Divorce for married couple for more than 13 years

Hello, I am married for more than 13 years and have 2 children a son(10) & daughter(7). Off late we have started having trouble in our relationship. We are fighting a lot. Here is the background: I am having good earning while my wife runs a fashion studio and earns close to what I earn. She hardly gives any attention to children, their studies etc or towards the home or family needs. She believes in partying, going out till late night and then wakes up very late around noon. Last year I even caught her having an affair and confronted her with solid proofs. At that point she promised she won't repeat it. I also didn't pursue it any further since she promised to change and keeping our children in mind. But again she is back to her own ways. I really feel cheated in this relationship and if wasn't for my kids, would have divorced her long back. I want to know in our case, what kind of divorce are possible(keeping her affair, lifestyle and earning in mind) and despite of me being on receiving end in this relationship will I still have to pay alimony, if yes how much? Also do I need to take anticipatory bail against 498A?