Allocation of parking space and using it for myself or for rent

We reside at Kolkata, where we have two types of flat in one complex - two buildings one of two BHK where we have six flats and another one 3 BHk where we have 3 flats. We reside at 2 BHk flat and have our parking space/lot at the ground floor of 3 bhk flat. In total there are 4 parking lots (as been told by our promoter) in the ground floor of 3 bhk. All the 3 bhk owners have taken their parking lot, one was left so our promoter offered us and we bought it. As we are yet to buy car so one of our neighbors wanted to keep his car which we allowed him to do. Now one of the 3 bhk owners is giving objection saying neither we dont have any parking lot as we belong to 2 bhk nor we can allow anybody to keep our/anybody else's vehicle at the parking space. None of the owners are keeping their any vehicle in the parking lot. however 2 bhk owners are keeping their 2 wheeler's free of cost at the parking lot. My question is : Do i have nay parking space at the parking lot of 3 bhk or my promoter just fooled me? Also if i have space can i give to to anybody just to use it temporarily? Regards Moumita