Salary not beeing given from sept2015 to 22nd nov.

Sir, i was working with a Pune based I.T hardware and survailance company named as Zebion Infotech Pvt. Ltd as branch Manager drawing the salary of 38300 per month. On my interview they told me that they have office in Banglore but which is fake. i worked with them from 23rd March 2015 everything is going good, one certain day the director order me to go Dharwad and recover some pending dues from the party i.e on October 2nd by this time they have not cleared my Septmber Expenses and Salary (salary used to credit on 10th of every month) even though i managed to finish the complete tour.i keep calling for my Sept touring expenses, Director himself responded that on his tour to Banglore he will come with both the cheques, which he didn't do but no my polite request he asked the H.R to credit the same and was done. When i ask for my salary he said once he will go back and credit the same(Septmber Salary) they have not paid that. on october 22nd they terminate my service showing some silly repoting mistakes and gave me the notice period of one month which completes on Sunday i.e 22nd Nov. Every time when i call the director he said i signed the cheque, give me 5min i will check and replay, i am in meeting i will call u back like this he answer. They also cheat the state govt sales tax Dept by giving a fake address as the place of business. Plz suggest what to do and how to get my salaries as i have been betraied by this company. Thanks Ramnaresh