Mental harassment by husband

I am a B.E. graduate with M.S. degree from BITS, Pilani. I was working for an IT company for 6+ years. I had a love marriage 3 and half years ago. We have been living with my in laws for all this while. I have a baby boy who is an year and 4 months old. I am trying to pursue my career back by beginning to work from home for a few hours in a day. This is creating huge problems for me. My parents have taken care of my baby for close to 10 months at their home and I lived at my in laws place later. I have come back to parents' place whenever my in laws have gone out of station. They had been to trips like Gujarat, Andaman, Mussourie-Nainital, Dubai in the past few months. My MIL actually agrees to take care of my son and permits me to WFH. But my husband has neither visited us at my parents' place from past month and now on calls he totally disagrees on my WFH option. He wants me to stay at home and do the households. My MIL had some issue with her thumb for few days. So I cooked food for around a month for the whole family and took care of my baby. He wants me to continue this which I am not willing to simply because I am well qualified and I cannot quit working anymore. Is it wrong to do something that I enjoy? Due to this tussle things have grown so horrible that he is not taking me home until I agree to the condition that I will not work but will cook for the family. So this has pushed me to depression. I would like to know what legal steps I can take before we probably decide for divorce. I need my son to be with me because he has never adjusted to my in laws. And he is too young to stay without me. I still feed him.