Need a divorce.Confused

We got married in India in 2011.Its been over four years now.In August 2014 my husband moved to US to pursue further studies.I cannot claim it was against my will but I was not happy about it.Things started getting sour as he got busy with school,assignments project part time job and we barely had any communication.I learned to live without him grew more lonely,sad,and depressed.I had no one to talk to and since my parents were financing his studies I could not tell them how i feel either.My work kept me busy and I grew closer to a colleague.An year later,august 2015,even I was accepted in a reputed university in US.So now we both are in US but living in different states.So technically we have not been living together since august 2014 and never consummated our wedding during this period.Although we met for holidays thrice.I have not spoken to my husband yet,he knows im unhappy but not to the extent that i would want a divorce.He thinks i'll learn to live with it.Since so much money has been invested to send us to US.I am considering coming back to India as I don't like it here.I want a divorce and was wondering what would be the best way to go about it. If we want mutually consent divorce do we both need to be present to file the petition.or can it be done in the presence of one person? can I live with my friend (boy) during the cooling off period without any legal consequences to him?