Domestic Violence on Parents (senior citizens) by elder son.

My father is over 70 years of age and my mother is 67 years and has diseases like Cancer and Hyper tension. We are 2 brothers, I am the younger one. Since 1993, my elder brother is at home only and since then there are issues with him over job and most of time on food. My parents are making efforts for bringing peace at home and making him understand to work and to earn for his living. Since 1993, my brother is misbehaving with Parents every now and then. He abuses my parents in front of me, when I am out of home for work or some other reason, he fights with parents and sometimes he slaps and / or gives punches. There are several such incidences where he scared them by taking Poison bottles (Phenyl). He has vanished our whole home peace. He always used to say that somebody has done some tantra sadhna on him and he took my father here and there and finishes off his earning. He kept the landline phone in his room and when somebody calls he either disconnects or answers whatever he wish too. He never gave phone calls to my parents. He made us disconnected from relatives and neighbours. He creates misunderstanding in my mother’s mind for every person and gets disconnected him/ her from our family. He created such an image of our family in society and no one would like to talk to us. We got disconnected the landline phone and I brought mobile phones for my father, mother and for him. He took their phones as well. He keeps their phone with him. He never allows to receive a call of either relatives or anybody else. He never allow us to see television as well as he kept the same too in his room and when my parents sit there to watch he bring something or the other news from outside a creates misunderstanding, which make the bad atmosphere and we closes the television but later he watch it. There are few incidences when the fight goes so long that we remain hungry for 4-5 days. But he ate this and that. He never allows my parents to have proper diet (which allows milk, curd or meals) but he wants his diet to be complete. Some tantric asked him to not to have white food so he left having milk, curd and rice but he cover it up by having other things in good quantity. He always abuses my parents with slangs, and also says them to die as soon as possible. He sometimes says to my father that he wish that if my father goes out for some work he won’t come back. He says to my mother, who is a cancer patient and bed ridden that neither you are dying or living. What is the use of your life. Now, when my parents left nothing in his savings, he asks what have done for me and what are you going to leave for me when you die. Please note that the property is in my Father’s name and the same is under loan which I took. I got married in 2014 but the things didn’t work and we got divorced in 2015. Whenever I come to office, I feel scared of my parents. Please suggest what should I do.