A women struggling for her rights and happynesss

Hi I am a working lady struggling for a standard healthy life for me and my baby girl. I had a love marriage with my husband. Till now its been 2 years of our marriage and we have a daughter of 1 year old. Before marriage My husband agreed for my independency in my job and my personal maintenance. But after marriage his family members started showing unhappiness regarding the furniture and other things given by my father .initially I ignored their cheap thoughts and useless sayings. Knowing this then they started to interfere in husband wife relationships by indirectly manipulating some false situations in front of my husband .My husband being their family member supports my in-laws. I feel my in-laws don't want me to live happily with my husband and daughter. I live with my younger sister and sister-in-law and my baby for about 1 year. I go for job from 10 am to 7pm and come for lunch for 1 hour and they takes care for the baby at home. During this 1 year my sister-in law always try to give orders for some works at home to both me and my sister. If we ignore this indirectly she creates misunderstandings between me and my husband and tells false stories to her parents and my husband .she always threatens us to take my child away from me and to destroy my rights over my child indirectly. She behaves as if she cares most to the child as compares to us in presence of my husband. Me and my sis always be blamed by my husband, Sometimes he beat me like an wild animal. I am feeling unsecure with my husband as he does not admire me and blame me even for my small mistakes manipulated indirectly by in-laws. I feel also a unsecure future of my innocent baby. Kindly suggest How can I survive along with my baby. I don't want to loose my baby and also I don't want to destroy her future giving all her responsibility to in-laws. Suggest a way. I am helpless.