Ancestor property

Hi sir , Property belong to two sisters ruku (sister 1) and maniamal( sister 2) , each 25 cent. Maniamal sold the property to ruku by obtaing money but didn't registered to ruku, so ruku maintaing whole 50 cents ( only 25 cents registered in her name ) , ruku had 3 heirs (1 eldest daughter and 2 sons ) , 1 st son went to Dubai in search of job for 5 years in 1996, during that time , 2nd son forced his mother ruku to register 25 cents to his name( he obtained the signature of his mother and his elder sister and but eldest brother didn't sign since he was in Dubai and at same time he forged the signature of maniamal ( fake person signed in the registered document ) registered the Another 25 cents , combined 50 cents in single registeration document , son came from Dubai asked his share of 25 cents , other son said I won't give the property to you Sir I am the Son of Dubai person son , everybody cheated my father , my father sent the money from Dubai to built a common house to his brother 2 nd son Both ruku and maniamal died , kindly provide me solution sir , 1. My father has maniamal original signature ( obtained from her heirs) 2. Empty stamp paper in which her mother signed given to my father during her last day of death 3 . My father didn't signed in any registered document they have Kindly provide me solution , if I go to court , can I win