Mother self earned and won property rights

My Mother is over 73 years of age. She is widow getting pension of my late father (Rs.5000+/pm) & suffering from high B.P.and other old age deceases. She had her self won house (presently staying) and land in her father’s village (after her father death she got that rights ). Since 2000. my elder brother got married (he is working at Poona, Maharastra). and after is marriage retransfer to Karnataka near Hubli and he & his wife shifted their and taking their things(Gold and Marriage gifts). From 2001 to 2008 he never contact or came to see my parents (he come only at his father-in-law house). In 2009 he left the job and came with his family (2 children) and requested my mother for temporary accommodation as he starts is shop(Auto-electric shop) he will move. Within 1 month they got ration card and other document addressing our house and also joined in Home Guard. Next they quarrel with my mother to give land yield share (coconuts and other). My mother refused it and told them to vacate the house. Then they brought our relatives (those who favorer him-more then 25-30 persons). They made a separation in house surrounding Land. My mother filed a case in Police station. As he is a Home Guard (friend of poilce) police told him to make separate arrangements of water, electricity. Toilet and bathroom. Then he asked for land then police told my mother to allow part of land to construct house and other facility and they came at our place and marked as his land and told him to vacate house within 10 months (in presence of local people). After one month once again he quarreled and told impolite words and bitten my mother for more land and money to construct house Once again my mother went to filed the case in police station but they not filed the case Next day once again we went (me and my mother) then police agreed to file the case and called him and he brought his wife and told police to file a case against my mother. As he was Home Guard (friend of Police) they file a case against my 73 year mother for harassment of daughter-in-Law. and taken keeping quite statement and allowing them to stay and use properties. Now my brother using electricity without giving any pai. Harvesting land yield not investing any things. My mother called a deed writer and Lawyer and gave a Power-of-Attorney of ( all her won moveable and non moveable properties) to me and also she write a will and registed in Sub-register office and deposited. She told me that that vacate him from her properties. My late father also having his own house (old) and land his brother staying their(he is single) it have a will. How I start kindly advice to stop Harassment from police and Home Guard. My intention is protect my mother.