Threatened by neighbor downstairs?

Hello, i live in Bangalore in a service apartment, as per law there should be no noise created after 10 pm so the neighbors are not disturbed and being a responsible citizen , we are following the law, just last day me and my husband rolled the football on the floor and passing it to each other and it was at 5 pm, in evening, the ball might have made some sounds, which we understand, to which our neighbor from downstairs came to us and talked in a very rude way, and threatened us to file an FIR against us and will put a case for trespassing and will ask magistrate to confiscate our passports, even after apologizing she continues heated arguments, since we are just new to Bangalore and not knowing if the rules here are different from other states, we said we use to do same sometimes in Mumbai in our apartment, for which she reminded us many times we Bangalorians are more peace loving people and can't all these noise, my question is if i apologized and even we did at 5 pm not at the time which she will get disturbed, can she go and confiscate our passport?, i need to know the laws as i don't want to disturb anyone's peace