Is pay revision only for the existing employee ?

Lets a scale is [deleted]/ and the revised scale is [deleted]/.At the time of pay revision, after 125 % DA merger and 20% fitment the multiplying factor comes to 2.25* 1.2= 2.7 for existing employee.As Central Public Sector Units is saying that post pay revision appointed employee are bound to get only the minimum of revised scale. Thus the initial basic of post appointed employee is 35000/, whereas a person appointed just before pay revision, getting basic of 15000/ gets after pay revision as 15000* 2.7= 40500/. Thus due to pay revision the difference in basic increased from Rs. Zero to Rs./([deleted]). This exact situation with different figures after 2nd PRC in CPSUs has happened. If it is illegal or not? If it is illegal, who is responsible? Whether the CPSU itself or DPE (who issued pay revision order). The following is exact figure in tabular form. Grade Pre-revised pay scale Revised basic pay after pay revision corresponding to minimum (appointed in 2006) w.e.f 01/01/2007) Revised initial basic pay who appointed after 01/01/2007 Difference in Initial basic pay b/w pre 01.01.2007 & post 01.01.2007 executives appointed on same grade E0 [deleted] 15180 12600 2580 E1 [deleted] 19930 16400 3530 E2 [deleted] 24910 20600 4310 E3 [deleted] 30120 24900 5220 E4 [deleted] 33590 29100 4490 E5 [deleted] 37070 32900 4170 E6 [deleted] 40540 36600 3940 E7 [deleted] 43200 43200 0 E8 [deleted] 51300 51300 0 E9 [deleted] 62200 62200 0