Partition of land between brothers

Hello Sir My query is about land distribution between my father and his brother. This land distribution happened 20 years before, and this land was located in agency area. My grand father has a land of 8 acres at single place, it was distributed to my father and my uncle in following order, the land was made into 4 parts of each two acres and my father got 1st part and 3rd part, my uncle got 2nd part and 4th part. The front side land was near to highway road and backside land was near to a pond. As my father was uneducated and illiterate my uncle being government employee convinced my father that, if my father take last 4 acres he can do agriculture with that pond water, my father believed to him and took his brothers 4th part instead of his actual 1st part which was near to highway. In this way my father got last 4 acres and my uncle got 1st 4 acres which was near to highway. Now the cost of his land was 4 times more than our land. At the time of partition I was a small kid and I was not aware of these land distribution. Now do I have any chance to fight for the 1st two acres which actually should come to my father. I hope you got my point. Thanks in advance.