Police filed a false FIR on me under section 456,323

Police filed a false FIR on me under section 456,323, I am HR Assistant in power generating company, along with my Job I hold an insurance agency on my wives name,Once i traveled 110 km. from my town regarding one policy maturity claim agency head office, in the same city my sister lives few km away from agency head office, I went to see her, in the night while i was returning from her home i lose track it was around 9 pm. I saw few people sitting in-front of their house, i went their and asked them way to bus stop. One of them turned around and abused me mother...fuc.... we are here to show u the route. I was disappointed by his words, I got angry by his abusive language and in anger i said to him this is not the way to speak, Suddenly he caught my collar and slapped me, also slapped him, in turn others got involved and started beating me, i was severely hurt one of them hit by stick on my head and I was injured. i took off their stick and hit the key person who abused me, by this hit his leg got fractured. all of them caught me they tied me and called the police one of them was the close relative of Sub Inspector, and police filled a case against me with Charges IPC 456 & 323, They took me medical check up and my statement was not taken. next day my family members came and took me on bail. Sir this is my entire story, now charge sheet is filled, I tried a lot to compromise even i agreed to pay him money, but he is not ready for this, Now what should be my next step. please suggest me is their any to ask for fresh inquiry of this case,.