Possiblities to stop the selling of Grandfathers property.

This is regards to the property(Green Land of 1.18Acre in one survery number ) selfacquired by my grandfather, after his expire the property got transferred/Mutation to his wife later on to thier legal hires 4 Sons and 1 Daughter in one single Mutation RTC. ours Hindu Family .Now they all are ready to Sell the land together, Here my concern is being the grandson of the eldest son, can i legally stop selling of the property (16000Sqft) belongs to my father(Eldest son of my grandfather). I'm doing this because my dad's is very irresponsible person he's addicted to Alcohol, Horse Race,Cards..etc though he's a govt employee he couldn't save any money in his tenure of 36years and he was not very supportive to his childrens and wife. Now he and his co-brothers are trying to sell the land. Coz of the above irresponsible attitudes of my father we children's don't like to sell the land as of now. Could you please guide me how can i proceed further we are not getting any support from my dad's co-brothers. as i'm against to selling the land. Below are my queries: 1. As a Grand son Can i stop the selling of land 16000sqft Belongs to my father out of 1.18acre. if yes what is the procedure? 2.Since my dad's alive is it possible to get the land transferred to me(28years of age) and my sister(22 years of Age)(Grand Childrens) name Legally? 3.Will the buyer have the rights to purchase the land with out the grand childrens of elder son signature? 4.What all the other Possiblities or way that we can save our land. Please need your opinions on how to go about it, i'm really confused. Appreciate your prompt response, looking forward to hear from you. Thank You