Torturing wife

I got married almost 6 yrs ago and i have a 5yr old cute daughter. Now this all started 3 yrs go..when she used to abuse me and my family for no reason, I stay in USA and she never wanted to go to india for a visit, earlier when she used to abuse me for no reason, i took it lightly and later days i beat her more than few times because i cannot tolerate unnecessary abusement, but to my bad she made it even worse, so i had to tell her parents about this and they said she does not do like that and all...but after every fight i used to apologize even though its not my fault, hoping to get calm down. After an year or so i got her parents to my place and every day its a quarrell day..she abuse me that i took dowry etc, but look the dowry is in her name and why the hell would me or my parents ask for dowry and they have not given to me anything and i earn good, so money is never a problem for my family. I did a lot to her parents when they were hospitalized, because her brothers does not care them, but my inlaws went back to india and started blaming me to her daughters behaviour. My wife beat her father when he was here and i dont know until then that she has a mental problem. After her parents left to india things were worse, she framed me that i am hitting her ( which i stopped for a long time when i realized she will not change) my bad she is hitting me now and i kinda started laughing to myself..she abuse me my parents and she started hitting my daughter too. All these years i observed that she is psychologically bad, she frames stories about other people and thinks i or my parents are the culprits..and that is Bull shit, because my parents are not here and by the time i come from work its late and i dont know where she will get these thoughts.. I had enough of torturing moments and i cant be framed everytime that i am hitting her infact she is hitting me and being a male i am shy to go to society and i care for my daugther and i want her to be growing in a environment where she can be raised as a good individual and Mothers play an important role. When my wife cant teach manners to my daughter it is going to be difficult.. So lawyers i need advise to solve three problems 1. How to get rid of my wifes psychological problems? and she does not get herself out (not socia)..neither her relatives know about her and i want to let the world know what she is. 2. how to safely secure my daugther from her, i need divorce. I have proofs of her every abuse to me.