House tress Pass assault

Situation between me and my neigbours were not smooth for last three months due to some minor issues. During diwali keeping in this mind they were giving disturbances and used Filthy launguage and tried to bring us outside. But we avoided them. As a result they encouraged their kids to burst crackers and throw them inside our car shed and house. When we saw and Said to them not to do Like that they abused us. After that lady from that house Called her son. He came and lighted 500 walas and atom bombs and threw it inside our house and balcony where gas cylinder is there. We Called 100.police officer came. The neigbours who is having large no of tenants gathered them and misinformed them. That We throwed stones, poured water etc. Since our place is CCTV secured. We should what happened to the officer. He after seeing went down and warned them that playing with fire crackers is dangerous and asked them to came to police station. Mean while some guests were comming to our house. Those neigbours saw that and her son attached my guests and caught hold of there shirt. Where as that lady removed my guests saree. Police officer being Single person couldnt manage the situation. So We went down to save our guests. When We opened the door for saving our guests. Those people entered our house and dragged my wife and thrashed her. When i tried to protect they brutaly attaacked me inside my house. Then pulled me outside and thrashed me on road. My neigbours and his friends planned and did this. After some time inspector came and Scolded me that i should adjust with neigbours. I showed him cctv footage. Then He Scolded them. But refused to File FIR. He delayed holiday period. Then Filed FIR on friday. Incident happened on tuesday. He didnt remand anybody. But File FIR under sections 351,354,452,506(11).now after 10 days also they havent taken any actions after filing FIR. I dont know what to do. Pls guide me what to do.