Arrest after taking congnizance u/s 190 IPC

A criminal case u/s 420 & 120-B was registered against us. But after our application for reinvestigation of the matter, My wife was declared innocent by police and DDA (Legal). My wife got anti-anticipatory bail. Section 120-B was lifted due to innocence of my wife. Now the case is only @ 420. But now anti-party lodged a simple application u/s 190 IPC to take cognizance of my wife. We are damn sure that anti-party (my mother & sister) will definitely influence the Judge, with their political relationship /recommendation & dramas etc. They always pretend before the Judge as they are really victim.... (They are cunning enough) Now I want to know what should we do if the Judge take cognizance? Will they again arrest her and interrogate? (She got anticipatory bail before) ? Should we again arrange for bail etc? We are really worried about the outcome and our steps? Please tell us what can we do after Cognizance of my wife? I need powerful remedies and advices in this regard