Section 406,420

Dear sir, i am facing serious allegations in fir which are actually fake. I was worked as director in one pvt ltd company for 4 months. I left immidatly when i got to know that another director having gradual background and his intense are same in this company. I left this company with official resignation and complete all procesure for remove my name from company like roc form 32 and board resolution process. Also recruited another director by company against me. Then i didnt know what company did or doing. But recently some one did complaint against compnay for financial fraud. And they involve my name too. And the another side they wrote about their fraud date which was 1 year later from my resignation. Means there was no connection with me. When i got to know about the complaint i given statment with all documents regarding form 32 and all to police officer but after 2 week police make fir and involved my name too. They show i have still company shares so i am owner. But I completed all precedure for share transfer too. And i have taken back my paid up capital and share amount back by chque from directors. And also they shows in theor documents that company has not filed annual returna , form 20b and all since formation of company. Means I signed all share transfer documents but company didnt filed annual return and share holding. After me only that fradunal director is available who is mastermind with some new persons. 4 other directors changed after me. What to do now. Can i go for quash? Or take AB. My lawyer not advice to take AB. Complaintnts intance is clear they want money from me. Because that. Fraud man is not in catch. And i am from reputed family of my town. I am very tanse and confused please suggest