Girl family broke engagement

Hi Girl famliy saw me in my sisters marriage as they were invited , so they asked my father for marriage initially i refused as i was planning to left my job and told the same to girl family but got agreed as i started preparing for govt job . so i went to see her and i asked her for any question about me but she didnot asked . so i felt good impression and liked the girl as she was writing some books n novels i thought she will be sensible enough and carry broad mind later before marriage she got angry due to some confusion of linking me for drinking that time i told here that in past i used to drink occasionally in office parties or once or twice in year just as experience so that time she asked me not to tell the reality to her dad who used to be against this drinking n all though he never asked me or my family explicitly so we got engaged . now after engagement i found girl behavior very much depressing and tensed as she was facing domestic violence in her family due to her academic poor performance . i used to motivate her all the time and asked to forget the past . some time she did come childish thing as she was only 21 but i advised her to be mature here i was wrong to poke my nose in her affairs . later on due to study and exam pressure i was tensed and discussed some thing in high voice she took it wrong and made impression that after marriage i will be angry or i will not behave like gentlemen all this was her miss understanding , my result got out and i was failed in that . so they finally broke the engagement on the pretext of my drinking , aggressive nature and all the lies she told her father we belongs to lower middle class family , my father is serving nation in army with meager income although considering here as his own daughter my parents gifted her jewelry and we never asked for anything as we never believed in dowry and all . as her father has good connections and friends as ministers and officers now he is not willing to return our gifts and threatening us of framing false complaints of dowry and in other way showing political power . but our hard earned money matters a lot for us so what we can do he was very clever he gave some 11k as roka to me in an envelop now we are worried he would ask for more and would ask for hotel and catering expenses which we never asked him to do as we were happy in simple home ring ceremony but to show his wealth nd prestige her father did tht function in hotel who expensed he can expedite according to his will i am so worried and tensed please suggest me some way to go around for getting our money as for settlement we will again loose our hard earned money Thanks