Shall i get that money

I worked for an independent market researcher for 10 months , i did that job with different Names, the parent company don't know that i am working for this company. he have to get some payment from that company , so he admit me and said only to write the market research questioner and send to the company, i did that job for 10 months, our agreement was Rs 70/- for one set of Questioner. I started the work on last year july and stopped on this year march, while i asked for my payment he said he will give the payment only after the company will transfer the same to him, .. two months before he got full payment from the company , but he is not ready to pay my money. Balance payment towards me is 30000//-. there is no contract between me and him, the only evidence is , three months back he send a message from his mobile inquiring about the balance dues, i said the amount through SMS, same time he asked about the details of the work i done and , so i send a full mail to him regarding the payment and the work did by me. i have details about on which names i wrote those works, and the number of works i did from past 10 months . What shall do for this?? On February of this month my brother met with an Heart attack , fo that i spend more than 50000/- that i borrowed from different persons, i promised them i will re pay after getting this cash . But now I am totally collapsed Please give some advice fort this