Need Advise

My marriage taken place in 2008, child born in 2009, my wife is under the influence of her parents. I realized this fact in 2009. They started the torturing me their main aim to torture me is to cut off me from my family members. I live away from my family around 80 km. I had serious efforts to settle the matter i had made education to my wife after marriage post graduation(spent around 1.5 Lk) made several coaching facilities like PGT/TGT/BANK but she is not successful in any examination. Their torture was increasing day by day. WIfe had taken all the ornaments with her to her parents house. Her father used to threaten me to false cases of 498 and demanded 30 Lakh from me. He had total control over her daughter. She didn't allow my parents to enter into home at one occasion and my brother at another occasion. she used to run away from home without any reasonable cause. she had given suicide threats to me several times. I Keep on tolerating the torture of her and her father.In March 2015 they created a dramma at my place in front of all relatives. I have recorded all the threatening/suicide threats/gold ornaments/use of abusive language in my cell phone. I had shown all this to all relatives. Suddenly her father starts a quarrel with me, i called the police on 100 PCR in the mean time he along with her daughter(my son 6 years old) run away. Now the situation is that wife is saying the she wants to come back and that she has been changed plz bring me back. I had given the reply that "i had never sent you u left me without my consent come back as u went". My wife had one brother also who is married but due to the torture of her parents brother's wife also had taken divorce from them. No case has been filed from any side. Plz give me advise what should i do???????