My wife has filed a 498 A case, It's a 100 % false case.

My age is 23 and my wife's 22. It's a love marriage in Aarya Samaj on May 2014 , We had a son not even 1 yr, my wife has filed a 498 A case ( Dowry & Harrasmant) on me, It's a 100% false case. My wife has filled 498 A, Police called us counseling, she has written a letter saying am not interested in counseling directly sent case to court, i was in police jain for 2 hrs and than next day i have taken bail and after receiving reply from court, the court has mentioned to take bail for my mother as her name was included in 498 A. There was little misunderstanding between us, her mother took advantage of that, Actually her mother is completely against to our marriage at any cost she wanted us to get divorced even after having a child. I'm going to file for section 9 case and parents right to see my son, as truly am not willing to lose my wife and son as it was true love, last time i was my son when he was on 3rd month from their onwards till now i did not see him they shifted their home, and recently 10 days back i got to know where they are residing and now filling for section 9 and parents right to see my son ( lawyer told to get there adress for fill case.) Sir finally am not willing to lose my wife and son, i heard if a women wants a divorce she will get for sure, even am not willing to give divorce, Is that true??? If she finally wants divorce heartfully i will agree let her suffer god will see, but at any cost i don't want to lose my son. Is there any case to file like this, example: - if she wants a divorce, she has to give my son for every as i'm not willing to give divorce heartfully... Thanks a lot for sparing your valuable time reading my issue. I kindly request to give me good suggestions. To get myself from this mention and physical torture.