Whether criminal suit can be initiated in this case?

Case History: There was a loan default by me obtained from State Bank of Hyderabad. After lot of discussion, finally bank offered me a compromise settlement offer dated 30.06.2015 for a sum of Rs. 1,60,000/- to be paid on or before 30.09.2015. While payment/instalment process was going on, suddenly on 14th August'2015 i receieved a letter from my employer that my salary is attached by the said bank. Although i informed my employer about my compromise settlement with the bank, they still deducted Rs.9000/- giving me a paltry sum of 9000/- to manage a month. I also approached the bank but the bank kept silent. In the mean time i have arranged money from outside and paid to the bank Rs.1,42,000/- and Rs. 18,000/- was already deducted from my salary. so total Rs.1,60,000/- was paid on or before 30th september. Now i approached both bank and my employer with documentary proof that the said debt has been satisfied. But still no response from either side. Still my employer is deducting Rs.9000/- from my salary and giving me only Rs.9000/-. I am feeling like committing suicide. Now, i would like to proceed criminal suit for harrassment and fraud. Is it advisable? or any other legal solution there? If so, what will be the cost?