Partition of property realted problem

We are 5 siblings,2 elder sister one is married another is unmarried and is 60 year old and I'm 3rd elder brother after 2 sister and have two younger brother after me.Recently I came to know that my mother who is above 80 year old have secretly distributed the property among my elder sister who is unmarried and younger brother who is just a year younger to me.Second elder sister is married she don't want any part of the property.So my mother have exclueded me and the most youngest brother.After the death of my father this property of my father was under my mother and my mother have exclueded us from this property of our father.Please suggest a law by which we can get our property back.Currently the portion of the property where I'm living is being executer under my elder sister who is not married.They are not willing to give us our right instead of knowing that I'm suffering from a chronic kidney disease. My elder sister told me to leave the room where I stay just because she is the executers thats why.