Could a civil court open mjc on perjury committed in subordinate

A corporate giant has filed a defamation civil and criminal against us. in the criminal case the company officials have made false statement on oath to implicate us and we have filed a quash petition in the high court and the case is pending. we have filed an application under section 195 340 Crpc in the civil case and prayed for mjc, today the judge says as the false statement has not been given in his court he wont entertain the application nor is he willing to reject it. Earlier the judge and company lawyer said crpc is not maintainable in Civil Cases. Then we showed theme this -----Bombay High Court “Whenever an application under Section 340 of Code of Criminal Procedure is filed, the Civil Manual Chapter XIX para 337 requires that it should be registered as Miscellaneous Judicial Case i.e. a case where a Judicial Enquiry is contemplated.” I am basically intrested in knowing is their any legal grounds to compel the Civil Court Judge to open MJC on the basis of perjury committed in any other courts too