Personal Loan Payment

Hi All, I had taken a personal loan of 1.5lcs from HDFC in 2008 for 36 months. I made the payment on time for around 12 months but than I had to change my job. I requested the bank to start the Ecs from my new salaried bank account which was with ICICI bank but the bank refused to do so stating that it is not the bank policy. I had an EMI of 5500 to pay every month. Now every time I used to deposit 5500 hundred in HDFC, I also had to pay 100 extra for not depositing in home branch. I was still paying but after 6 month my HDFC salary account got transfred into Savings account and I had to keep min 1000 as balance in it. I was not aware of it and i deposited the Installment in the account. Than i got a message that they have deducted some charges from the money for not keeping the min 10000 in the account. Post this i stopped making the payments. From that time onwards third parties every now and then calls me for recovery options and i simply tell them why i stopped making the payment. I also tell them that i will pay if all the other charges are removed. But today after a long time a got call from the recovery agent and he was threating me that Bank has already filed a suit and if i will nit pay now then i will have to go to jail. The problem is that i never got any legal notice ever from the bank then how is it possible? The checqes i gave them are 7 years old now and my account is already closed now. Can it be true what this guys told me on the phone today.