Married dauthers share in fathers's self earned (illigal property

Query: Sir, We are four daughters of our mother from my father who afterwords got married for second time (no divorce was taken from my mother yet) and had two sons from his second wife. whatever my father has earned (illigally-which has no documentary proofs, but can be proved if necessary) he has transferd to his two sons, second wife only. (My father is bedridden now). out of four daughters , three of us are married now , but our last sister is yet not married. My step brothers also not looking after my mother who is now above 60 years of age.. Now the question is- can my mother (as his first wife) claim the property which his husband has earned ? and secondly, how can my father transfer his property to a son directly without asking my mother who has shown wife and who was dependent on her husband ? why our law does not give equal right as a owner of flat (male) and wife of the owner (female). why she is not give equal importance as a husband. why she can not object in this situation where the flat was directly transferd to son (without her consent) if she is still alive ? Is this a valid legal transaction ? Please guide us. Can we(three married sisters and our mother challenge his illegal transfers ? Please guide us. Thanks in advance. Varsha samir korgaonkar [deleted] My father is business man. so whatever property he has in mumbai is by way of black money (partially-he has not paid his income tax proportionately. And since he is bedridden now will it be a proper time to claim a property which he has already transered to my step brothers and step mother (by showing her divorcee in the books of mhada -now formed into a co op society). Now my elder step brother is getting married before my last sister to get marry. At least on this ground my mother can fight in court that her younger daughter is not married yet and my mother has no earning source and his step son is not looking after her--- can claim the property which my father has transfered to my step brother without my mother's concent? Can we prove that all the property which my father posses (now transfered to my step mother/brother) was illigal ? Can we as a married daughter claim 1/4 portion of my father's property ? Can we do all this complicated work after my fathers death ? or it will become more complicated after his death? Can my father transfer the property to my step brothers which was illegal in the eyes of income tax? Ancestral property which was own by my father i think we will get the equal proportion as my step brothers. Sir Please guide me.