Gazette notification of india

Sir , i am living in a DDA apartments where most of the flats are illegally encroached and constructed on MCD land Via extended balconies through pillars by first , second and third floor residents, Blockage of common passage by ground floor residents. I am also ground floor resident and having extended room in my home as i bought it in this condition 5 yrs ago.. But now Some lawyer in my society is complaining in MCD of my resident when i went to MCD office to file complain against other residents specially first, second and third floor residents , JE ( Building) informed me that he cant take any action against first, second and third floor residents because as per New Gazette notification of india they cant demolish any such construction which is done before December 2014.. so my queries are 1) Is there anything like this information in new gazette notification of India ? 2) If Yes then, is there any notification for ground floor residents who have done encroachment (common passage blockage) and construction so that i can save my house from demolishment.. Kindly share link if there is any such information so that i can show to MCD officials.. Please help me sir i am in gr8 depression because of this problem .. Please help me out