Registering as 'Investment Adviser' firm in India

Hello, We are a registered private limited 'Software Company'. Our software product deals with automated personal financial/investment advisory. As per the SEBI regulations of 2013, anyone giving investment advise to people needs to get a license from SEBI to become an 'Investment Adviser'. ([deleted].pdf). One of our director fulfills all the criteria to get a license. Our confusion is to take a license as an 'Investment Advisory Firm' or take an individual license for one our director who qualifies for it. In both the cases, the investment Advisor if going to be a single person (that director) only. Following are our questions regarding this: 1) We don't want to register our whole company as 'Investment Adviser' as only one of the director is going to have the license. So, it does not make sense to pay a very high amount of fees for that licence. How can we work this out legally? We want our Director to take the individual license and then use our Software Product to advise. The Advise will be finally signed by the Director as an individual Investment Adviser (not on behalf of the company). Can we work like this?