Service Bond

Sir i was working in an IT Company. There i've signed a bond of 1 Lakh Rs. for 1 Year. I've completed 4 months of service. My MD is very aggressive and he think he is above everyone in the world.Due to him 4 employees before me has leaved from company. As he is harassing me mentally so i've also decided to leave company. I'm not going to company from 20 days. Now he is threatening me that he'll ruin my carrier and go to the court. He also said that he has lawyers and he'll make sure that i could not do job anywhere else . There is no training he has provided to me and i can also prove this. In contract it was written that my annual salary will be 26,500 Rs./Month . But after signing contract he sent me mail in my gmail account that for first three months you will be paid 20,000 Rs. as it will be a training period. Now what could i do if he will file a case against me. Company also do not opened my salary account as well as companies mail id. They paid me salary in my saving account.