Hi, this happened to me on Friday night. As in saturdy early morning 12.30am. My guy who is a Team leader for a bpo came to drop me home aftr our office shift n v parked the vehicle in a land which belonged to a travel agency. Before I get down, I hugged him n he kissed my forehead saying good night. Jz then some guys who were completely sloshed opened the car door n blamed that v wr doing unwanted things in car n pulled the car key frm my guy. He evn started hitting my guy for no reason in spite of telling that he came to drop me n nothin else. 1 of the guys pulled my phone too. A big scene was created and I still don't no y. However I ws sent home by a elderly person among them n they held onto my guy. They asked 20k wid my guy to settle this issue and wen my guy said he doesn't hav money, they took his debit card frm him, and swiped 2k wch ws left in the account. They also threatened my guy to tel in the video recorded by them that my guy was having sex wid me in the car. I bliv they hav the video wid them. They also took my contact details. The next dy I got a call frm the owner of that land warning me nt to do anything such in future. I said that man that v came frm office n v hav all evidence to prove that v reached my plc on time n v wr treated badly for no reason also v wr asked to giv money. I made sure I ws vry swt to the person who spoke to me and I smartly opened his mouth wt all he did wid us that night. Nw I hav all the voice evidence wt he did wid us. Everything is in favour of us. But I thought I wnt complain because I requested that man sayin that he has got money nw n nt to irritat us. I blocked his number after that. Tdy I received a threatening call frm him saying that i'l only go to him on my own in 2 dys. I asked wt is the reason. He jz said this and disconnected. I'v the voice recording for this too. I don't no wt to do nw. I haven't tol abt this to my family. V'v nvr gone to police station or nvr evr came across such situation. M worried as to wt to do. My family doesn't knw abt my relation wid my guy. I cnt spoil my parents name taking the case to police because everybdy wil get to knw then. Advise me wt to do here plz. M in real need of help.