Company Board cheats

Hi, My name is George. My self and my friend opened a partner deed company. And as we want to grew up, we tried two more partners. Those two partners are considered to be partner 3 and partner 4. Partner 2 is my friend. When we had our first talk partner 3 and partner 4 said that they have projects and they want some one to implement it. As we already having a company they joined with us. And they promissed to give 25% share as equity in pvt Ltd. and they took the responsibility for creating pvt Ltd. As they are having a old pvt Ltd to claim experience we planned to name change it. The rename happened. Suddenly partner 3 says that he wants to be Managing Director. And he is ready to give me CEO and with salary too. I accepted then they added me and Partner 2 as WHOLE TIME Directors. With out equity when we asked they told we should fulfill the share amount. We told we don't have that much money that's the reason we gave our company to you. Then partner 3 gave a solution that he can give credit and he took a blank signed cheque and blank promnote sign. As they are close to partner 2 my friend, we both have that. Then also they didnit give our equity. Then we concentrated on our for two months. Then performance issue came. As a CEO I asked some questions to my partner 2 and he started joined with them. One day they blocked my mail id's and took my id's too. They are not allowing me (CEO) inside office. Suddenly I reported partner 3 he acted as he does not know anything. Then I found that, I recruited a 23 yrs experience guy and he bypassed me by saying bad my experience and they all plan together to open a new company. Ok then I thank that God atkeast you show their real faces in two or three months. A month passed. Partner 3 called me and said George you have cheques and all right. Pay loss componsation. I told cheques given to differnt purpose. Then he threterned me with his cousins name who is an assistant commissioner of police. Like he is his cousin and he can do anything. To buy time to think I told currently I don't have give me some days. Then I am here in kaanoon. Please guide me to resolve this issue as they are cheaters. Because of that some employees got terminated. They made me as responsible person. I am getting more issues. What type of case I can start. Or let me wait for their reaction.