Gift deed

My father purchased 2.05 acres of land in 1997 for construction of stone polishing unit and completed in 1998 which is still in our possession only. (Also, the property was in mortgage for the loan taken from SFC and was cleared in 2006.) Later, in 2003, my father had executed a gift deed, for 2.05 acres, in favour of Mr. Lingamaiah, secretary of malayala sadguru seva samithi, Kolimigundla (it does not exist) for establishment of old agg home, but they did not do that till now. Later on, when I came to know, we requested for return, but they he didnot do and started creating problems for us. So, my father has executed a cancellation deed unilaterally in 2010, but the revenue department is not accepting that and are asking us to move court. Knowing the cancellation, they constructed a temple in 20 cents of land to retain that. My point is that the transfer of property is not done as we are still in possession of polishing unit and enjoying the same which is built in same land (40 cents) (the same is not mentioned in gift deed, only land is mentioned). Now, please advice me on this.