Am a married female for 3.5 years. My husband is not at all interested in taking care of me and our 2 year kid. All the time he keeps on abusing my parents and my sisters. He had also stated that he need to rape my younger sister (Before her marriage). He uses such a nasty words which cannot be said. He is a irresponsible person on this earth. Though he earns handful of money, he spends his salary within a day for his drinks, smoking, Cards, etc., He has all the type of bad habits. Before marriage he had promised me that he will live all these bad habits but after marriage they all became his best friends. Recently i tried to commit suicide by drinking phenol, he dint even bothered to take me to hospital but he started boozing sitting next to me. later with my sister help who stays next to my house i reached hospital and got the treatment. This has been lodged as a complain in a local police station. Now he keeps sending me Sm's abusing me and my parents and my relatives. Am literally getting irritated by the words he uses for my family members. Recently he also messaged me stating that my son is born for an unknown person and he will be having a filthy diseases. Till now he hasn't taken care of my kid expense. I need to work and look after my son. His parents also supports him when i had been to their house to tell that their son has all the bad habits. in return they scolded me and blamed me for everything. Please advise me on this.... am really dont want to be with him anymore... Now am with my parents from past 1 month. Can i apply for divorse?