Neghibour is creating loud noises doing commercial activities

Please suggest me what are the steps I can take to stop that following nuisances being created by my neighbour - Since last few months , one of my neighbours ,residing behind of my house ,has started some commercial activities involving rigorous hammering of metal,hammering and cutting of wood etc and creating loud noises of hammering sounds. He is doing this acts on the open roof or on his open premises.As a result the sound is seeming very loud from my house . I talked to him personally , but he is not disclosing what trade exactly he is doing there. He already has a godown there at the basement of his house for several years.I told him that we are getting severely disturbed by his acts .My father is a patient of heart disease so its very difficult for him to bear the noise for hours.Currently that person is doing the job not in a regular basis.He is doing may be 2-3 days(half an hour to 3 hours/day) in week but I am suspecting the frequency will get higher gradually . We are in a real trouble for this guy. Is it legal to have a commercial godown in residence? Can he do such kind of commercial activities in his residential house ?If yes ,please tell me what I can do to stop this nuisance . Thanking You and Regards