Lagal help required, Please advice

Hello Legal Team, I need your valuable legal opinion on my father's property issue. My father who is 60 years aged and basically a handicap i.e., Deaf, He has the capability to hear only 20% and He had got his share (5 Acres of agriculture land out of 25 acres of total land) from my grandfather’s self-earned property. In the year 1995 the decree was also passed in local judicial court in the same year itself but decree was passed only between my father, grandfather and one of uncle as one of the property was purchased in his name and it was transferred to my father name too and in the 1999 and my grandfather passed away. My grandfather has 8 children’s out of which 4 are the daughters all of them elders (Aged more than 65 years) to remaining 4 sons. Remaining 20 acres land was already purchased in the name of my uncles equally and no property was given to my aunts.. As they did not have any disagreement Now one of my aunt who was married 45 years ago has filled petition for her share in all the properties and injected stay order on all properties (not to alienate or sell), In the year 2014 I purchased a house with a housing loan on the basis of my salary that is also mentioned in her suit. Now my father is trying to sell the property and not able proceed further as my aunt has brought stay order Could you please advice what is our stand in the case. Can my aunt claim her share in my father’s share? I consulted one of the local lawyers here they say that she has the right to claim her share. I recently got know that Supreme Court has passed a verdict that women has no rights in ancestral property if her father has died before 9th September 2005 and if the property was divided while the father was alive. She has no right to claim. Could you please advice how to move further.. Can my father retain his property? If so Kindly advice how should I approach a lawyer. Please give me insight. Thank you in advance. Shashidhar email id:[deleted]